About Momo

Hi! I'm an entertainment attorney and Makers & Crafting streamer. I started streaming during the pandemic after going stir crazy at home and love the community and support that I’ve found. I began my channel streaming video games but now spend most of my time streaming Makers & Crafting and hosting the Creator Chats series, where I feature creators and discuss their creative journeys with a focus on business. I hope to see you in chat!

Charitable Work

St. Jude Play Live & Creative Season

In 2022 joined the Richmond Young Professionals in raising money for St. Jude Play Live, the organization's annual fundraising event on Twitch.

Together we raised over $80,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The same year I raised an additional $600 for St. Jude through its Creative Season fundraiser.

About St. Jude Play Live

Streamers for World Central Kitchen

I organized a raid train and fundraising auction with the Makers & Crafters of Twitch to benefit World Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to provide food to those in need, including victims of the invasion of Ukraine.

​16 streamers participated in the raid train and 22 items were donated to the fundraising auction, leading to over $9,000 raised for World Central Kitchen.

About World Central Kitchen

Stream Heroes for Starlight

In December of 2020 I assisted streamer and maker Calamity__Cat in organizing a Twitch streamer raid train supporting Starlight Children's Foundation, an organization that delivers happiness to seriously ill kids through virtual reality, video games, and creating an oasis of happy spaces in hospitals.

​Over 90 streamers participated in the fundraiser, raising $29,510.04 for Starlight.

About Starlight Children's Foundation

Artist Relief Project

Since November of 2020 I have organized the annual Makers & Crafters' Holiday Gift Exchange for Twitch streamers. As part of the gift exchange, profits from pins sales of the event logo benefited Artist Relief Project, an initiative by Artly World to provide financial support to artists impacted by cancellations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

About Artist Relief Project

Epilepsy Foundation

In March of 2021 I assisted Twitch streamer Obsessed Pirate in raising funds for the Epilepsy Foundation.
I provided event support and donating a customized Switch or console controller case to the fundraiser auction. The fundraiser raised over $10,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation.

About Epilepsy Foundation